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Our leaders

To drive our vision every day and shape the future of the private capital market, our department heads have jointly developed some guiding principles that will make portagon an unbeatable team.

On this page you will find details of our portagon leadership principles and meet our department heads.


Growth and record-setting are our DNA. As an excellent B2B SaaS company we take our comprehensive product to our customers and we don't sell just for the sake of it - we sell to collaborate with our customers on shaping the future of the capital market.

Suraj - Head of Sales, CEO

#1 Attract, challenge and enable talent

As great talent is key to portagon's success, we create an environment where employees are successful. We are thirsty for excellence continuously raising the performance bar with every hire and promotion. We recognise and empower exceptional talent to thrive.


In order to become a thought leader and be synonymous with the private capital market, we need to anchor our ideas and products in people's minds. We strive to understand the challenges facing our target groups so that we can use those challenges to develop smart and creative marketing initiatives.

Claudia — Head of Marketing

Communications & Community

We want to promote digital access to capital to the public and position portagon as a protagonist in this field. This will allow us to build a diverse community.

Nicolas — Head of Communications & Community

#2 Act, perform and solve entrepreneurial

We operate with strong results orientation and solve problems effectively. Leaders emphasise the importance of efficiency and productivity and prioritise the highest-value work.

Engineering & Product

We take our customers a step closer to their vision with our product. By continuously developing our platform next and our software go, portagon is able to offer the leading infrastructure to digitalise the private capital market.

Volker - CTO


The goal is to develop a product that our customers love. Working closely with Engineering and Customer Success Management and through regular meetings with Sales, Finance and the department heads, we tweak and adjust our solution to keep it permanently optimised.

Leon - Head of Product

#3 Clarify, own and deliver on time

We define who is responsible for what and take ownership for our accountabilities. We lead by example and ensure results on set targets within given time frames.

Customer Success Management

Customer success is our top priority. We help our customers to understand our product, seek their feedback and then guide them to fulfil their vision. Our goal is to provide our customers with long-term value and keep them highly satisfied.

Max - Head of CSM

#4 Scout, encourage and steer the right way

We capture trends and changes in portagon’s environment, encourage our people to build networks and contribute ideas that cover stakeholders’ interests. Thus, we distinguish between important and unimportant issues.


As financial experts, we not only juggle internal and external figures but also support and advise on all key decisions for the company. Be it controlling, audits or financing rounds, we ensure the growth of portagon and thus the future of the private capital market.

Andreas - Head of Finance

#5 Speak up, solve and move on

We put conflicts on the table and solve them immediately. We choose the most efficient and professional path of communication to get things done.


In order to make "grow for our vision" a reality as quickly as possible, we focus on building an outstanding corporate strategy and delivering an extraordinary people experience. We think of ourselves as internal consultants of the departments, strategic decision-makers — but above all as the go-to people for our applicants and employees: our job is as diverse as your personalities.

Dennis - Head of Operations

#6 Think, collaborate and expand as a team

We foster excellent teamwork. To achieve our vision, we encourage interdisciplinary exchange and execution.

Our CEOs

Everyone has the freedom to create value - with easy access to capital anytime and anywhere. This is the vision that everyone at portagon believes in, and we work hard every day to make it a reality.

Jamal and Johannes

#7 Build, measure and learn

We promote innovation and individual initiative through trust and a blame-free culture. We base our assumptions on measurements, continuously learn from our mistakes and adapt.